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Tricky Motorsports Trickflate dual cylinder 12v 300 L/min air compressor

Tricky Motorsports Trickflate dual cylinder 12v 300 L/min air compressor

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Hose: Trickflate Black comes with an orange 9M PA hose. The Original Red Trickflate has a black rubber hose.
Accessories: 3 Nozzle Adaptors
Color: Black and Red
Cylinder : 60mm *2
Voltage: DC12V
Max pressure: 150PSI
Rated current: 90A
Air flow: 300L/min
Power Cable: 2M cord with battery clips

We've tested this compressor to fill a 285/70/17 tire from 0 to 35 psi in 3.5 minutes. We keep one in our own Bronco. This unit compares to the Maxi Trac sold at NAPA.

This item carries a 30 day warranty.

Select "Trickflate + pressure switch" to add our pressure switch kit for just $20.00, regular retail of $29.99. This is a DIY kit and does not come preinstalled. We recommend this video to get the general idea how the modification works.

Note About This Product: This compressor is not designed for 1 tire at a time and should be used with a 4 tire hose system. You can still air up a single flat if you need to, but the duty cycle dwindles to 2min doing 1 tire at a time. Airing up an entire vehicle, 1 tire at a time, will damage the Trickflate. It just simply puts out too much air and is optimized for 4 tires at a time. See our store for 4 way components. Our manifold uses a standard US automotive fitting and the Trickflate ships with an Asian high flow fitting - it will need to be converted to the US style to work with the 4 way hoses.

If you prefer to fill one tire at a time, we highly recommend the Milton S443 3-in-1 chuck.

The included carrying bag is of poor quality and may be damaged out of the box. It is not warrantied. 

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